CHED Scholarship Program 2024

Official Announcement: CHED Scholarship Program 2024

CHED Scholarship

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) is pleased to announce the opening of the CHED Scholarship Program (CMSP) for the academic year 2023-2024. This program offers valuable financial support to deserving students in the Philippines, emphasizing academic excellence. CHED is currently accepting applications, and we encourage qualified individuals to submit their applications promptly.

Key Information for CHED Scholarship 2024:

Eligibility Criteria:

The scholarship is open to incoming first-year college students for the academic year 2023-2024.
The CHED Scholarship Program is a government-funded initiative designed to provide financial support to academically talented students belonging to special groups, including Homeless and Underprivileged Citizens (RA 7279), Persons with Disabilities (RA 7277), and Solo Parents (RA 8371).
Target Institutions:

The scholarship is applicable for those pursuing undergraduate studies in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), and Local Universities and Colleges (LUCs) recognized by CHED.
Special Groups Covered:

Homeless and Underprivileged Citizens (RA 7279)
Persons with Disabilities (RA 7277)
Solo Parents (RA 8371)
Applicants who fall under these special groups are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity for educational advancement.

Prospective applicants are advised to carefully review the eligibility criteria and submit their applications in a timely manner. This scholarship aims to empower deserving students and foster academic excellence in line with CHED’s commitment to educational development in the country.

To apply, please visit the official CHED website and follow the detailed application instructions provided. The deadline for submitting applications is May 31, 2024.

For any inquiries or additional information, please contact the respective CHED Regional Office. We look forward to supporting the academic pursuits of qualified students through the CHED Scholarship Program in the academic year 2024.


To be considered for the prestigious CHED Scholarship for the academic year 2024, applicants must adhere to the following eligibility requirements:


Applicants must be Filipino citizens.

Academic Achievement:

High school graduates are required to have a General Weighted Average (GWA) of at least 90% or its equivalent.
Computation for Grade 11 and Semester of Grade 12:

For those computed with Grade 11 + Semester of Grade 12, the average GWA is calculated as follows: Average GWA of Grade 11 + GWA of Grade 12/3 * 70%.
Computation for Completed Grade 12:

If the applicant has completed Grade 12, the GWA is computed as Grade 12 GWA * 70%.

Special Group Consideration:

Applicants belonging to special groups, such as Homeless Citizens and Underprivileged individuals under Republic Act #7279, Persons with Disabilities as per RA #7277, and Solo Parents with dependents under RA #8371, are encouraged to apply.
Submission of Certifications and/or IDs:

Applicants from the specified special groups must submit certifications and/or identification issued by the appropriate offices or agencies.

Exclusive Participation:

Applicants are required to avail of only one government-funded financial assistance program.

Awareness of CHED Priority Programs:

Applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with CHED’s priority programs.

Documentation Requirements for CHED Scholarship Application 2024

In order to complete the application process for the CHED Scholarship 2024, applicants are required to submit the following documents:

Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate: Citizenship

A document verifying citizenship is essential and must be certified as a true copy.

Academic Requirements:

High School Report Card for Incoming Freshmen Students Eligible for College.
Duly Certified True Copy of Grades for Grade 11 and 1st Semester of Grade 12 for Graduating High School Students.

Income Certificate Requirements:

Applicants must provide the necessary income-related documents based on their specific circumstances.
Submission of the latest Income Tax Return (ITR) of Guardian or Parents.
Certificate of Tax Exemption issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).
Certificate of Indigence from their Barangay or the Department of Social Welfare Development (DSWD).

Case Study Report from DSWD:

A comprehensive Case Study Report from the Department of Social Welfare Development is required for a thorough assessment.
Proof of Income for Children of Overseas Filipino Seafarers and Filipino Workers:

Applicants falling into this category must submit the latest copy of a contract or any other relevant proof of income.

Identification Card (ID):

An official Identification Card is a mandatory requirement for the application process.

CHED Scholarship Benefits:
The CHED Scholarship Program for the academic year 2024 offers comprehensive benefits to selected scholars, including coverage for:

Tuition and other school fees.
A stipend, directly disbursed to scholars or through Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).
Book allowance per semester, provided until the completion of the degree program.
These benefits aim to alleviate the financial burden on scholars, enabling them to focus on their academic pursuits.

Application Process:

To apply for the CHED Scholarship 2024, follow these steps:

Prepare Complete Documents:

Ensure all required documents are thoroughly prepared and organized.
Clear Document Scanning:

Clearly scan all necessary documents, ensuring legibility and completeness.
Online Application Submission:

Submit your application and the required documents online through the designated platform.
Submission to Respective CHED Regional Office:

Alternatively, submit the application and documents physically to your respective CHED Regional Office.


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